NHS Pan Birmingham Cancer Network

  • Meet the Team

    Listed below are the members of the research team and details of how to contact them.

  • Clinical lead

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  • Dr Dan Ford-Clinical lead

    Dr Dan Ford

    The role of the clinical lead is to provide clinical and strategic direction for the network and to support the research network manager in liaising with the various clinicians and organisations in ensuring research is a core activity in the treatment pathways for patients in Pan Birmingham.

    Daniel Ford has been a Consultant Clinical Oncologist since 2007, since completing his training in the West Midlands and London. He is based at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham where he is the clinical lead for radiotherapy. His clinical areas of interest are paediatric radiotherapy and urological malignancies.


  • Interim operational manager

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  • Gina Dutton-Interim operational manager

    Gina Dutton

    The Pan Birmingham Cancer Research Network manager is responsible for leading, managing and developing the strategy for the research network, in conjunction with the clinical lead, to ensure that our constituent organisations have the appropriate resources and systems in place to meet the aims of the NCRN and the NHS operating framework.

    Gina Dutton has been the Research Network Manager since the Network was established in 2002. Prior to working for Pan Birmingham Cancer Research Network, Gina was a diagnostic radiographer specialising in medical ultrasound.

    0121 371 6694

  • Operations and development manager

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  • Suzanne Sumara-Operations and development manager

    Suzanne Sumara

    The role of the operations and development manager is to work closely with the cancer research network clinical lead and manager to deliver the Pan Birmingham Cancer Research Network strategy for widening patient and healthcare professional participation into cancer clinical research.

    Suzanne Sumara is a registered general nurse and has worked in clinical research for over 18 years, 4 of which were with PBCRN.  She is currently seconded one day a week to the National Institute of Health Research workforce development team as a subject matter expert in GCP training design and delivery.  Suzanne is on the GCP examination panel at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine in the Royal College of Physicians. She has been in post since October 2010.

    0121 371 6694

  • Lead research nurse

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  • Jackie Sears-Lead research nurse

    Jackie Sears

    The role of the lead research nurse is to provide professional and clinical research expertise, advice and training, and to educate any member of staff working across Pan Birmingham Cancer Research Network involved in the provision of care delivered to patients taking part in clinical trials. An important part of her current role is to work in collaboration with the Research Network Manager and associated colleagues in the neighbouring networks/trusts to raise the profile and promote best practice in clinical research amongst healthcare professionals, patients and the public.

    Jackie Sears has been the lead research nurse since 2008. Jackie trained as a state enrolled nurse, qualified as a registered general nurse in 1999 and has worked as a research nurse since 2004 on a number of local research projects in the Pan Birmingham region. Jackie is a trainer on the NIHR Clinical Research Network Good Clinical Practice course, which is provided locally.

    0121 371 6694

  • Administrator

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  • Maggie Hope-Administrator

    Maggie Hope

    The role of the PBCRN administrator/training coordinator is to ensure the smooth running of the research network office by providing a comprehensive administrative service; to assist in maintaining communication between the core team, trust-based teams and the wider research community and to facilitate the training organised by PBCRN and the Birmingham Research Training Collaborative.

    Maggie Hope has been the PBCRN Administrator since 2004, when she first joined the NHS from industry.

    0121 371 6694

  • Network data manager

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  • Caroline Alton-Network data manager

    Caroline Alton

    The role of the network data manager is to provide research administrative support within Pan Birmingham Cancer Research Network trusts, to transcribe and export research data for studies in which patients are required to visit another trust during the conduct of the study.

    Caroline Alton has been the Data Manager since June 2012. Caroline has worked in research for over fourteen years in General Practice, Hospital and University settings both here and abroad.


  • Supportive & palliative care senior clinical trials practitioner

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  • Sandra Prew

    The key role of the Supportive and Palliative Care Senior Clinical Trials Practitioner is to provide research support to trusts and hospices across the Network, within the scope of supportive and palliative care, enabling organizations to build and deliver a research portfolio appropriate to the organization.

    Sandra Prew is a registered nurse and has worked as a research nurse since 2007.  She is currently seconded two days a week to PBCRN whilst continuing to work in Gastroenterology research at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust one day a week. She has been in post since December 2013.